UIDS Virtues

Our Beliefs
UIDS believes that all human beings should have the rights to learn, know and enjoy freedom, opportunity, prosperity, peace and comfort equally wherever they are.
Each individual should have the freedom and rights to conduct their lives ethically, logically and professionally through their life-long and experiential educational development.
All human lives with learnability should not be restricted to the common, known, traditional, conservative and limited ways of learning. All should be able to, if they wish, progress through their life development to enjoy whatever form of professional practices they so desire through the educational freedom provided to them in ways that UIDS and other similar institutions may offer.

UIDS Educational Philosophy
Education is life-long experience of which research finding or enlightenment brings about knowledge, producing freedom, opportunities and equality to all human beings.

UIDS operates its missions through collaboration and cooperation with scholars, practitioners, professionals, academicians and existing educational institutions, offices and associations as well as individuals to bring about successful completion of goals. Through experiential, theoretical, practical education and different modes in the fields, UIDS helps individuals and societies meet their needs for their particular settings and development.
Faculty Members UIDS faculty members largely are from the existing university faculty from various universities within the US and international countries collaborating with UIDS to deliver quality education. Faculty members, besides university professors and traditional educators, can come from various sectors including educational organizations, government offices, business professionals and practitioners in specific fields of interest and expertise.
A faculty member does not necessarily need to hold a doctoral degree but qualifies through his or her academic and practical success or experience. For example, a prominent and experienced public administrator or a state’s governor without a doctoral degree can be well qualified as UIDS adjunct professor.

International Cooperation and Collaboration
UIDS believe in collaboration and multidimensional alliance.
In our global development and educational projects, UIDS collaborates and cooperates with different institutions, both US domestic and international organizations, whose global development goals align with UIDS.
This is done through regular course development, teaching, learning, training, workshops, conferences, mentoring, research, internship, exchanges and other means to promote global education outreach.

Who are at UIDS?
UIDS is a group of educators and professionals from around the world who have experienced a meaningful freedom of life through education and professional practices beyond being bound by traditional and local boundaries of educational and professional practices.
UIDS team members come from different walks of life, most of whom have been educators, professionals and practitioners who have found success in various professions and believe that if one so desires, one can have similar opportunity and equality in life through interdisciplinary studies and life long experiential search and enlightenment learning.

University Without Walls and Cyber University

UIDS operates mainly as a cyber university based on the University Without Walls concept, initiated by Potchanat Samermit about 20 years ago, combined with regular classes, seminars, conferences, workshop, academies and institutes.
The world has changed drastically and almost all parts of the world can be connected at anytime. People and their development are no longer restricted by the traditional frameworks. Cybernetic communications has been replacing many conservative modes.

Education is no longer situated in the brick and mortar buildings but in the cyber world. Almost all forms of educational delivery can be performed through cybernetic systems.
This revolution has given rise to the possible human liberty cherished by UIDS. It enhances the possibility of lifting up those enslaved by the unknown and lack of opportunity and equality to progress their human life, paving ways into the freedom of knowledge, liberty as well as producing opportunity and equality to all who desire to experience them.

In addition to cyber delivery, UIDS also provides traditional institutional training in various forms such as classes, conferences, workshops, training, tutoring and mentoring.

UIDS Cybernetic Classes are mainly Interactive-Synchronous.

Research Based

UIDS is a research based educational system. Our education focuses on student’s finding original knowledge leading to their original production or models applicable to their interests. The same investigation concept is used from kindergarten to post graduate studies though in different suitable and applicable forms and formats. Students needing regular or fundamental training to ready themselves for investigations will receive training prior to conducting their research projects.